The Seretti brand, which started in 1820, manufactures and installs windows and doors in aluminium as well as architectural envelopes which are noted for their originality, safety and focus on energy saving.

The company has strong ties to the territory of origin, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and operates with success at national and international level.


To use materials such as glass, metals and laminates in innovative ways to create design and building solutions which fulfil the needs of the customer: this is Seretti’s mission.

The company designs and manufactures windows and doors, large-scale glass walls, curtain walls, glass façades and cladding, in addition to a wide range of special works for projects with a high technological content.

An in-depth sector-based knowledge and a constant eye on new architectural and aesthetic solutions represent the true cornerstone of the business.

Seretti: products made in Italy that range from the simplest of windows to the most futuristic projects.