Windows and doors for your home

Seretti manufactures windows, doors and complementary articles in aluminium, metal, glass. Custom-made products with all the expertise and the experience of a company in the world of windows and doors.

Safety and protection: synonymous with Seretti products

From design and production to installation with a dedicated workforce. The glass used is produced by Serex Multivitrum, a company of the Seretti group.
All this allows competitive prices and high quality to be maintained.
The value of the raw materials and systems used translate into solidity and protection for the home and those who live there.
There are no Seretti products, only a Seretti product made just for you.

Seretti is green

Seretti products respect the environment and by reducing energy consumption with windows and doors, you can benefit from a 65% tax deduction.
Current regulations require new buildings to have a low energy consumption.

Safe and protected.

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Care and Maintenance

Following the rules for correct maintenance and the cleaning tips ensures the durability of Seretti products.