Seretti offers an increasingly number of certified products

Seretti got the certificate of constancy of performance for External pedestrian doorsets on escape route.

A prestigious new milestone is reached in the warranty and product quality path, taken by Seretti since the beginning.

The external doors on escape routes, as planned in the evacuation plans, in order to be under the law, must be CE marked and must have the VVCP1 certification issued by a notified body.

The acquisition and maintenance of this certification provides a specific process, that includes testing of samples to prove product’s characteristics and constant monitoring in order to ensure the continuity of the conditions required.

The marking is the result of the application of UNI EN 14351-1:2010 regulation (as its equivalent European standard) and of the transposition of EU Regulation 305/2011 of Directive 89/106/EEC, concerning construction’s products.

Seretti works to ensure safety.